Veddel bomber is right-wing extremist: perpetrator with right-wing biography

The man who detonated a homemade bomb in Veddel on Sunday has a right-wing extremist past. He has already been in prison for manslaughter.

Crime scene Veddel: This is where the homemade bomb detonated on Sunday Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt;/dpa

Stephan K. has been in custody since Tuesday. The investigating judge accuses the 51-year-old of having caused an explosive detonation at the Veddel S-Bahn station last Sunday evening. The accused remains silent on his motives.

The suspicion that the crime was committed for racist reasons is obvious: around 70 percent of the residents in Veddel have an immigrant background. In addition, S. has a right-wing extremist past.

25 years ago, the 51-year-old was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for the brutal killing of a 53-year-old man who had called Adolf Hitler a criminal. Together with a then 19-year-old skinhead comrade, S.had kicked former captain Gustav Schneeclaus so hard with Springer boots in Buxtehude and hit the man that he succumbed to his injuries in hospital three days later.

In the press releases to date, the police do not speak of a possible racist background to the crime. The perpetrator, who had no fixed address, had only come to the attention of the police because of minor thefts, and was also said to belong to the drinking scene.

Political relativization worries left-wing delegates

The fact that S. is not described as a former neo-Nazi follows the police logic that neo-Nazis who no longer participate in right-wing extremist actions and no longer commit crimes have left the party.

This view is repeatedly questioned by exit initiatives – they rather speak of a "quitter" who does not question his right-wing thinking. The political relativization through the designation of the perpetrator and the fading out of the crime scene moves Antifa circles to ask the authorities after the NSU murders and bombings if nothing has been learned. On Monday, Martina Renner, a member of the Bundestag for the Left Party, asked on Twitter, "Who could be meant?"

Police do not speak of a racist motive, saying the perpetrator was known only for minor theft offenses

The explosion that S. triggered on Sunday is said to have come from a powerful firecracker, according to police. It is still unclear whether the "bomb" also contained screws. One person suffered a blast trauma from the detonation, a glass pane of a windbreak was damaged.

Similar bombing in Dusseldorf in 2000

The location is reminiscent of another bombing. On July 27, 2000, a right-wing extremist planted a pipe bomb at a railroad entrance in Dusseldorf. The detonation at the Am Wehrhahn S-Bahn station injured ten people, some of them seriously – they were so-called contingent refugees from Russia and Ukraine. A splinter from the bomb containing TNT injured a pregnant woman and killed her unborn child. It was not until 17 years later that the police were able to catch the bomber.

The rapid success of the manhunt in Hamburg was made possible by the analysis of video surveillance material. One day after the attack, a citizen officer recognized the perpetrator in Lauterbachstrabe near police station 46 and arrested him temporarily.

An Antifa rally is planned for Friday at the Veddel S-Bahn station. The call says: "We demand right-wing terror to be named as such."