Red wants to go green: climate protection for the spd

At its closed-door meeting in Nuremberg, the SPD parliamentary group in the House of Representatives wants to make its mark with the green theme of climate protection.

One heart and one soul? Michael Muller and Raed Saleh Photo: dpa

The Berlin SPD wants to do more for the climate. At its closed-door meeting this weekend in Nuremberg, the SPD parliamentary group in the House of Representatives wants to address the issue of climate protection. As recently as July, SPD faction leader Raed Saleh had said in an interview with the Tagesspiegel: "We slept through the topic of ecology." Now the alarm clock is to ring in Nuremberg probably.

In any case, SPD environmental politician Daniel Buchholz announces far-reaching resolutions for the closed meeting: "We have big plans. There some will be very surprised." Buchholz told the taz newspaper, "We face the challenge of acknowledging the climate emergency and saying what follows from it."

At the beginning of December, the red-red-green Senate passed a "climate emergency plan" on the basis of a proposal by Green Senator for the Environment and Transport Regine Gunther. Last week, Gunther followed suit and introduced a time and action plan to the Senate. Among other things, it calls for "cars with fossil-based combustion engines" to be banned from driving in the environmental zone from 2030. Five years later, gasoline and diesel vehicles should then have disappeared from the entire city.

Speaking to the Berliner Zeitung, deputy SPD parliamentary group leader Jorg Stroedter put on the brakes. "We see a considerable need for discussion," he said, adding that Regine Gunther’s plan would not simply be waved through.

In contrast, Daniel Buchholz was much more relaxed. "There can be no climate change without a change in energy and transport," he told the taz newspaper. "Whether the date Ms. Gunther mentions is the right one can be discussed again. But what is clear is that the emissions have to get out of the city."

Buchholz therefore also pleaded for an expansion of local public transport and made it clear that "climate protection should not just be something for higher earners." Thus he spoke out again for a 365-Euro-Ticket. For this, he said, the federal government must make money available for certain pilot projects.

Affordable climate protection is also on the agenda of the 38 members of parliament who are meeting from Friday to Sunday in the Franconian SPD stronghold. Among others, Jorg Simon, head of the water companies, has been invited as a guest. Among other things, the water companies operate the Rainwater Agency, which advises owners on the installation of green roofs.

It remains to be seen whether the SPD will also be perceived as a climate party in the future following this closed meeting, at which a far-reaching paper is also to be adopted. If she copies the Greens, she may strengthen the original. If she opposes them, she will be criticized for putting the brakes on.

But perhaps it helps to first reconcile one’s own positions. The reactions to Senator Gunther’s initiative have shown how far apart these positions are.