Security laws in france: senate approves tougher legislation

The state of emergency will expire in a few days. Parliament now waved through a new anti-terror law, but it is limited to three years.

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses security authorities Photo: dpa

France’s parliament has again tightened security laws in the fight against terrorism. The Senate on Wednesday finally approved a controversial new anti-terror law. It incorporates certain measures of the state of emergency into normal law in a weakened form, but this is limited to a good three years. The aim is to prepare the security forces for the planned end of the state of emergency, which was imposed after the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris and is now due to expire on November 1.

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Troop withdrawal from afghanistan: playing it safe

Only insiders were allowed to know when the last convoy would leave the Bundeswehr camp in Kunduz. Because the fear of attacks is great.

The Bundeswehr’s withdrawal route: 300 kilometers from the nearest base. Photo: dpa

Kunduz is history for the Bundeswehr. The Germans have left the camp – two months earlier than originally targeted and almost exactly ten years to the day after the first advance team of the Bundeswehr arrived in the northern Afghan city. On Friday evening, the Bundeswehr convoys rolled out of Kunduz with a total of 119 vehicles and 441 soldiers. On Saturday morning, they arrived unharmed in Mazar-i-Sharif, now the last German base in Afghanistan.

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Difficult implementation of digital radio: how often do you buy a new radio?

Digital reception of radio stations should have been introduced throughout Germany long ago. But the private stations are afraid of the competition.

Do you still remember? This is a radio. Photo: imago/Westend61

Well, have you listened to the radio today? On medium wave? No one listens to it anymore anyway, which is why no one has noticed that since New Year’s Eve, there is no longer a German station on the most traditional of all broadcasting channels. Deutschlandradio and Saarlandischer Rundfunk were the last to switch off medium-wave broadcasting.

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Debt crisis in argentina: way out sought

The Corona pandemic is intensifying the crisis in Argentina. If the creditors do not accept the government’s offer, the country could go bankrupt again.

A large meeting to discuss the planned debt cut Photo: Esteban Collazo/dpa

"Argentina is virtually insolvent," President AlbertoFernandez put it. The government now wants to put its debt service on a sustainable footing with a payment pause and a billion-euro discount. On Thursday, it presented private creditors with an offer to restructure $70 billion in debt instruments. Repayment of $503 million in debt due on April 22 was suspended. Creditors now have 20 days to decide on the offer.

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Red wants to go green: climate protection for the spd

At its closed-door meeting in Nuremberg, the SPD parliamentary group in the House of Representatives wants to make its mark with the green theme of climate protection.

One heart and one soul? Michael Muller and Raed Saleh Photo: dpa

The Berlin SPD wants to do more for the climate. At its closed-door meeting this weekend in Nuremberg, the SPD parliamentary group in the House of Representatives wants to address the issue of climate protection. As recently as July, SPD faction leader Raed Saleh had said in an interview with the Tagesspiegel: "We slept through the topic of ecology." Now the alarm clock is to ring in Nuremberg probably.

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Repression in nicaragua: despair reaches as far as berlin

More than 100 people have been killed during protests in Nicaragua. Now exiled Nicaraguans are also demanding President Ortega’s resignation.

Protests against Daniel Ortega began in Nicaragua in April Photo: reuters

Crosses and backpacks. That’s what many of the Nicaraguans brought with them to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin this Sunday. The crosses as a sign for the at least 134 people killed in protests in their homeland since mid-April, according to human rights groups. The backpacks as a sign of solidarity with the students most affected by state repression.

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Trial against sprinter pistorius: court allows appeal

Five years in prison for Oscar Pistorius is not enough for the prosecution. It wants to see the leg-amputated sprinter convicted of murder.

Pistorius had been convicted of manslaughter at the end of October. Photo: dpa

The trial of South African sprint star Oscar Pistorius, who was sentenced to five years in prison for manslaughter, is entering its second round. Judge Thokozile Masipa on Wednesday in Pretoria partially granted an appeal by the prosecution. The prosecution wants to see Pistorius convicted of murder in connection with the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

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Government statement by angela merkel: strengthening efforts

Ahead of the UN Sustainable Development Summit, Angela Merkel promised financial commitment. She also called on refugees to show their willingness to integrate.

Does not yet find sustainability in Germany optimal: the chancellor. Photo: dpa

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has pledged a noticeable increase in the financial commitment of the Federal Republic ahead of the UN Summit on the Preservation of Livelihoods. "We will spend billions more on development aid," she said Thursday in a government statement in the Bundestag. However, private commitment must also be encouraged, she said, "because we won’t be able to do it with public funds alone."

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Protests against security conference: peace angels in munich

While international arms deals are being brokered at the Bayerischer Hof, the peace movement demonstrates outside.

Protests against the Siko 2017 Photo: Pascal Beucker

Lisa Fitz is in a hurry. Actually, she has no time at all, she says. A performance at the Dorfstadl Buttlerhof in Tutzing is still on the 61-year-old cabaret artist’s schedule today. But to the traditional demonstration against the Munich Security Conference (SiKo) she came then nevertheless. "It’s already important to show the flag here," she tells the taz on the sidelines of the kick-off rally. "The enemy is overpowering, but if you do nothing at all, it won’t get any better." The war profiteers and their henchmen must be shown the red card again and again.

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Pothole racism: the value of white life

These days it is once again very clear: There are two kinds of dead. Some are worth more to us than others who are far away.

As long as only people in Africa were affected by Ebola, our compassion was limited. Image: reuters

There is no such thing as an unworthy life; that’s easy to say. But the value of a life is measured very differently. This becomes obvious at the latest when it comes to the value of a dead person.

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