Government statement by angela merkel: strengthening efforts

Ahead of the UN Sustainable Development Summit, Angela Merkel promised financial commitment. She also called on refugees to show their willingness to integrate.

Does not yet find sustainability in Germany optimal: the chancellor. Photo: dpa

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has pledged a noticeable increase in the financial commitment of the Federal Republic ahead of the UN Summit on the Preservation of Livelihoods. "We will spend billions more on development aid," she said Thursday in a government statement in the Bundestag. However, private commitment must also be encouraged, she said, "because we won’t be able to do it with public funds alone."

In addition to solving current problems, the UN sustainability summit this weekend will address long-term challenges such as climate and food issues. The development goals could also be understood as a global plan to reduce the causes of flight, Merkel said.

"What we can do at the global level, we will discuss in the coming days in New York," national issues at the federal and state level. Merkel acknowledged, "Because in Germany, too, we are still too far away in some places from sustainable living, economic activity and handling of our natural resources."

On the subject of refugees, Merkel said that in addition to dealing with current issues, including financial ones, the longer-term goal is to integrate hundreds of thousands of refugees in Germany. For example, Merkel said, asylum seekers must be willing to integrate. It is also important that asylum decisions be made much more quickly and that people who are not entitled to asylum be repatriated more quickly.

With a view to the refugee summit of the federal and state governments taking place in the afternoon in the Chancellor’s Office, Merkel said that necessary decisions should be taken there, in particular also on financial support for the states and municipalities and the federal government. The refugee crisis is a national, European and global "effort," she said.