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Growing together in the greater district: people are distant from each other

District Administrator Heiko Karger of Mecklenburgische Seenplatte County has a mammoth task. He must ensure that the district becomes a single entity.

There are great distances to be overcome in the district. Image: imago / BildFunkMV

It’s still early on this cold, clear morning in autumn when Heiko Karger once again takes in a facet of his new district. All around, pale light falls over muddy meadows; further back, allotment gardens stand out. Heiko Karger trudges toward the entrance of the low-rise building in front of him. "So," he says, "let’s have a look."

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Nato summit in warsaw: russian warnings

Riparians on the Baltic Sea are worried about Moscow’s activities off their coast. But Putin says Nato is the aggressor.

Putin has had enough: He does not want to see any more new members in NATO Photo: ap

Igor Korochenko, editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defense magazine, says it is impossible that Nato and Russia could "agree on something serious" in the near future and warns against illusions. NATO wants to swallow Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and last but not least, Caucasian Azerbaijan, the military expert believes. "Strategically, NATO is our enemy."

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“Filter bubbles” in internet use: unhealthy info nuggets

Anyone who uses Google or Facebook ends up in a filter bubble: supposedly unpleasant information is filtered out. There is always more of the same.

Everywhere you look, everything is similar. Photo: dpa

Enter the search term "Egypt" in Google. And see what comes up. News about the situation on the ground? Or travel tips with pictures of dunes and camels?

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