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Sportsman and politics: kretzschmar lacks freedom of speech

In an interview, ex-professional handball player Stefan Kretzschmar uses a right-wing narrative. He’s allowed to do that, but he also has to put up with criticism.

You can still say that, can’t you? Yep. But then it sucks. Photo: dpa

That’s the way it is when you say something today that not everyone likes. You get hyped up in the social media – or grilled. It happened to Robert Habeck, the leader of the Green Party, after he spread some nonsense about Thuringia, and now it’s happened to Stefan Kretzschmar, the sports icon, the winner of an Olympic silver medal, one of the few super celebrities the sport of handball has produced.

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Raising the curtain on friedrich merz: power man theater, final act

Who would have thought it? Friedrich Merz replaces the yearning for the theater in the Corona Year. Unfortunately, the play is already quite old.

Hall lights on: No audience, of course, because of Corona Photo: Florian Gartner/photothek/imago

Right now, there are a lot of things I miss: the time when I never heard of lateral thinkers. The carefree hustle and bustle in bars. Lightheartedness in general. And I miss theater. Fortunately, there is a solution to at least the last problem, and it’s Friedrich Merz. Before 2020, I would never have thought that Friedrich Merz could be the solution to one of my problems. But you can actually learn something from Merz’s performing art. Curtain up.

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