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Difficult implementation of digital radio: how often do you buy a new radio?

Digital reception of radio stations should have been introduced throughout Germany long ago. But the private stations are afraid of the competition.

Do you still remember? This is a radio. Photo: imago/Westend61

Well, have you listened to the radio today? On medium wave? No one listens to it anymore anyway, which is why no one has noticed that since New Year’s Eve, there is no longer a German station on the most traditional of all broadcasting channels. Deutschlandradio and Saarlandischer Rundfunk were the last to switch off medium-wave broadcasting.

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Repression in nicaragua: despair reaches as far as berlin

More than 100 people have been killed during protests in Nicaragua. Now exiled Nicaraguans are also demanding President Ortega’s resignation.

Protests against Daniel Ortega began in Nicaragua in April Photo: reuters

Crosses and backpacks. That’s what many of the Nicaraguans brought with them to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin this Sunday. The crosses as a sign for the at least 134 people killed in protests in their homeland since mid-April, according to human rights groups. The backpacks as a sign of solidarity with the students most affected by state repression.

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Pothole racism: the value of white life

These days it is once again very clear: There are two kinds of dead. Some are worth more to us than others who are far away.

As long as only people in Africa were affected by Ebola, our compassion was limited. Image: reuters

There is no such thing as an unworthy life; that’s easy to say. But the value of a life is measured very differently. This becomes obvious at the latest when it comes to the value of a dead person.

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Russian-turkish syria policy: disappointment for erdogan

A Turkish invasion of northern Syria is no longer an option. Moscow dictates the rules for future cooperation.

Yank goes home: US army vehicles in Manbij Photo: dpa

When Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut cavusoglu announced the results of his talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Turkish journalists traveling with him in Moscow late Saturday afternoon, he looked as if he had bitten into a lemon. He said that it had been agreed that the armies of the two states would "continue to cooperate closely and coordinate their actions."

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Korean film “the pickpocket”: plot under japanese occupation.

Park Chan-wook tells of the complex plan of a marriage swindler. He combines gothic elements with lesbian desire.

Getting along very well: Lady Hideko (Kim Min-hee) and her chambermaid Sookee (Kim Tae-ri) Photo: Koch

Pouring rain turns the street into mud. Undeterred, a unit of the Japanese army slams its boots into the mud of the street, disappears around the corner, and off-camera chases a group of Korean children away. Running away, the children nearly knock down a young woman, umbrella in hand, a toddler in her arms.

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Comment apartments: give up the data

Berlin must not give in to the lobbying of Airbnb and Co. The vacation rental portals must be forced to cooperate.

Whoever gets that key: Berlin must know Photo: dpa

Actually, the matter is quite simple: if a billion-dollar corporation rages without ceasing against a ban that it never intended to comply with anyway, it is a matter of urgently preserving the ban. So if the vacation rental portal Airbnb has been lobbying ad nauseam for years to ensure that its customers are allowed to rent out their apartments in their entirety and not just part of them, politicians should say loud and clear: No!

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