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Study on financial reserves: economic freedom

You have to be able to afford illness. The top 10 percent can bridge a twelve-year gap. The lowest have no reserves.

In general, assets are much higher in the West than in the East, mainly due to real estate ownership Photo: dpa

Good for those who have a substantial financial cushion. This enables them to compensate for loss of income, for example, due to unemployment or illness, for a longer period of time. Poorer people, on the other hand, have to drastically reduce their spending either immediately or after a few weeks. This obvious effect of the extremely unequal distribution of wealth in Germany prompted the Economic and Social Research Institute (WSI) of the Hans Bockler Foundation, which is part of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), to investigate the extent of financial security reserves in the various segments of the population.

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Coalition agreement in lower saxony: groko wants to monitor

The security policy of the SPD and CDU in Lower Saxony will become more restrictive. Asylum seekers are to be deported more efficiently.

More surveillance, better deportation: Groko in Lower Saxony. Photo: dpa

Politics in Lower Saxony is becoming more conservative. This was to be expected in a grand coalition, but the 138-page coalition agreement bears the signature of the CDU – or at least of an SPD freed from the Greens – in many places, especially in security policy.

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Column german angst: towards the demarcation line

At the border, fantasies of power, domination and ethnic homogeneity condense. Where there is a border, there is no solidarity.

Borders are in again: Here, Austrians must show identification when entering Germany. Photo: reuters

"I’d cross your shitty Mediterranean if I were a sneaker," the Golden Lemons sang some time ago. That for goods, unlike for people, the national border has no reality is a law of capitalism. This line is not only topical since we let thousands of people drown in the Mediterranean within sight of the freighters, because they are merely human beings. I think of them when I stand in line for passport control.

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Rail freight in the eu: trucks lose out to trains

The European Union actually wanted to shift freight transport to the railways. But the railroads are too slow.

Freight train in Switzerland Photo: dpa

The railroads are having a hard time in freight transport – and not only in Germany. Despite various efforts to increase the railroads’ share of the transport volume, they are not succeeding in the EU. This was criticized by the European Court of Auditors on Tuesday.

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