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Freedom of the press in germany: seehofer wants to file charges against columnist

Minister of the Interior announces charges over a taz text. It is unclear whether this will happen. Chancellor intervenes. taz editor-in-chief puts herself in front of the author.

Horst Seehofer after last week’s conference of interior ministers Photo: dpa

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants to file criminal charges over a controversial column about the police in the newspaper taz. "Tomorrow, as federal interior minister, I will file criminal charges against the columnist because of the unspeakable article in the taz about the police," the CSU politician told the Bild newspaper on Sunday evening. "Disinhibition of words inevitably leads to disinhibition of deeds and to excesses of violence, just as we have now seen in Stuttgart. We must not continue to tolerate that."

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New construction project blankenburger suden: for the citizens past the citizens

Senator Katrin Lompscher wants to build 10,000 apartments in Pankow. Residents and district politicians go to the barricades.

The plans meet with resistance Photo: Jorg Carstensen

"A monstrous, completely oversized test-tube city is being planned here, with no regard for what already exists," writes user jsxheinersdorf on the citizen participation portal Another calls for "alternative political forces" that are not concerned with "expropriation and displacement" of the population. It is a small rage citizen uprising, which rages since Saturday. Urban Development Senator Katrin Lompscher (Left Party) had presented development plans for the Blankenburg South in Pankow at a citizens’ meeting.

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Oil drilling in the national park: from wadden sea and mountains

Schleswig-Holstein’s green environment minister wants to prevent new oil drilling in the Wadden Sea. The energy company involved will not accept this.

Seals are still lying here, tomorrow there may be drilling Photo: dpa

The energy company Deutsche Erdol AG (DEA) may not drill any more exploratory wells in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. This was decided by the Ministry of the Environment in Kiel. The requested exploratory drillings are "not approvable", the ministry said referring to a current legal opinion.

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Rescue operation in thailand: boys freed from flooded cave

After 15 days, the rescue operation for the 12 boys and their soccer coach starts on Sunday. The first were freed from the Tham Luang cave.

An ambulance reportedly freed first boys from the cave Photo: reuters

Faster than expected, the first six boys have been rescued from Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand on Sunday evening (local time). Another six boys and their soccer coach were still inside at press time. In the morning, emergency officials had decided to begin the rescue operation of the 13 immediately. "D-day has come," said operations chief Narongsak Osottanakorn.

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Migrant detention centers in libya: only the smugglers are prepared

Three camps cleared, refugees gone. Libya’s coast guard expects a new mass exodus to Europe. Many will drown.

Half of all boats leaving Libya sink undetected and without survivors Photo: dpa

Libya’s Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga ordered the closure of three migrant detention centers in western Libya over the weekend. In Tajoura and the coastal towns of Misrata and al-Chums, hundreds of West Africans left the warehouses and schools that had been converted into prisons. From Misrata’s suburb of al-Kararim, 900 people set off on foot toward the city center on Sunday.

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Presidential election in guatemala: cheating didn’t help him

Conservative Baldizon withdraws his candidacy for the presidency. Now a social democrat is running against the military candidate.

Until now, conservative Manuel Baldizon was considered the favorite in the race for the presidency in Guatemala. Photo: reuters

Sandra Torres will run against political newcomer Jimmy Morales in the runoff for president on Oct. 25. This has been certain since the withdrawal of Manuel Baldizon. This was confirmed by the electoral court on Wednesday.

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The “wild animal” myth: fascination and terror

Whether it’s hippos in Tbilisi or wolf poop in the front yard: predators unleash an archaic fear in us that is devoid of all reason.

Seems quite relaxed – the hippo in Tbilisi. Photo: dpa

They are photos of iconographic force that went around the world over the weekend from the Georgian capital Tbilisi: a hippopotamus trudging through a devastated street. A bear crouching on an air-conditioning box at the front of a building while murky floodwaters rage below. And all this in the middle of a European capital.

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Dispute over werkstatt der kulturen: the address of a dispute over direction

The retendering of the Werkstatt der Kulturen is causing outrage. A protest letter to the Senator for Culture calls it a "unique model."

Philippa Ebene in 2008 shortly after taking over as WdK director Photo: Bernd Hartung

In an open letter to Cultural Senator Klaus Lederer (Left Party), the Berlin Migration Council, representatives of migrant self-organizations, and supporters from the arts, culture, and academia have expressed their dismay at his retendering of the Werkstatt der Kulturen (WdK). "Would you get the idea to advertise the Volksbuhne as ‘tender cultural location Linienstrasse 227/Mitte’?" reads the letter published on Friday: "In this step we recognize a hegemonic arrogance that ignores existing work and disregards civil society efforts." In fact, the workshop is advertised on the Senate Cultural Administration’s website as "Cultural Location Wissmannstr. 32/Neukolln."

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Government crisis in thuringia: fight for new stability

The Left Party only wants to put Ramelow up for re-election if there are reliable promises from the CDU and FDP. The first talks will take place next week.

There will probably be a few more meetings in Thuringia Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa

On Monday, after the first prime minister to be sworn into office with votes from the AfD was sworn in and resigned barely 72 hours later, winter storm "Sabine" also reached Erfurt. It was the first day of vacation in the federal state, actually a time when there were no meetings. But in keeping with the stormy weather, the major political weather situation in Thuringia also remains volatile. How do we get back to stable conditions? That’s the question on the minds of all parties in the state parliament, with the exception of the AfD.

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Bullying in berlin schools: investigator in the dark field

Doreen Beer is to develop a Berlin-wide anti-bullying strategy for schools. This strategy is lacking, as is a central record of incidents.

Schools receive a suitcase full of ideas against bullying from the school psychologists in the districts Photo: picture alliance/Britta Pedersen/dpa

Doreen Beer is not someone who likes to push herself into the foreground with her work – you can tell that on Tuesday morning in the press room of the education administration, at her first public appearance since the anti-bullying officer for Berlin schools took up the post in April. "I’m part of a network. I deal with individual cases that come to me, but then I try to look at where we have structural deficits in the school system based on the specific cases," she says.

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