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Dispute over muhlendamm bridge: no comparison with the rialto bridge

Plans to replace the dilapidated bridge with a new one in a fast-track procedure are heating up the tempers. The new bridge is to be only slightly narrower.

A photo of the Muhlendamm Bridge from the water – and from pre-Corona times Photo: dpa/Bildfunk

Hand on heart, dear readers: How many of you know offhand what the Muhlendamm Bridge looks like? Not that many? No wonder: The Spree crossing in Mitte shines with functionality and imperceptibility. Yet the germ cell of today’s city is located around the bridge – it was the medieval connection between Molkenmarkt (Berlin) and Fischmarkt (Colln). Not much is left of it: After the destruction of the war, the capital of the GDR relied on a wide car aisle and a lot of concrete.

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Veddel bomber is right-wing extremist: perpetrator with right-wing biography

The man who detonated a homemade bomb in Veddel on Sunday has a right-wing extremist past. He has already been in prison for manslaughter.

Crime scene Veddel: This is where the homemade bomb detonated on Sunday Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt;/dpa

Stephan K. has been in custody since Tuesday. The investigating judge accuses the 51-year-old of having caused an explosive detonation at the Veddel S-Bahn station last Sunday evening. The accused remains silent on his motives.

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City comparison on pedestrian safety: more traffic lights, strips and islands

In many cities, more people have accidents on foot. The German Traffic Club demands that municipalities do more for safety.

Life dangerous in many places: pedestrians. Photo: dpa

Pedestrians in Germany are relatively safe on the road, but when accidents do occur, the consequences are usually severe. Therefore, cities and municipalities should do more for pedestrian safety – especially for children and seniors. This was the demand of the ecologically oriented Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) in Berlin on Tuesday at the presentation of a city comparison of pedestrian safety.

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Sales losses feared: retailers worried about veil ban

Affordable vacationers from the Gulf States are popular in Munich – despite face veils. The proposal to ban it is causing criticism.

Potential consumer: A woman wearing a niqab crosses Odeonsplatz in Munich. Photo: dpa

Munich, the self-proclaimed "cosmopolitan city with a heart," is becoming increasingly popular with Arab tourists. Now the trade fears that vacationers from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates or Bahrain will stay away – because they feel blindsided by the ban on the Muslim face veil (niqab) demanded by the CSU.

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Excessive rents for factory subcontractors: workers in hovels

Factory workers in the meat industry are often housed by the same subcontractors who hired them. This is profitable.

Lots of work, poor conditions: Meat factories often employ workers on work contracts. Photo: dpa

The stairwell of the former barracks in Quakenbruck has seen better days: The ceilings are moldy, someone has nailed up the intermediate doors with OSB boards and the lamps have no shades. Daniela Reim points to power cables hanging out of a junction box: "Some residents tap the others here to save electricity."

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Security laws in france: senate approves tougher legislation

The state of emergency will expire in a few days. Parliament now waved through a new anti-terror law, but it is limited to three years.

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses security authorities Photo: dpa

France’s parliament has again tightened security laws in the fight against terrorism. The Senate on Wednesday finally approved a controversial new anti-terror law. It incorporates certain measures of the state of emergency into normal law in a weakened form, but this is limited to a good three years. The aim is to prepare the security forces for the planned end of the state of emergency, which was imposed after the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris and is now due to expire on November 1.

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Troop withdrawal from afghanistan: playing it safe

Only insiders were allowed to know when the last convoy would leave the Bundeswehr camp in Kunduz. Because the fear of attacks is great.

The Bundeswehr’s withdrawal route: 300 kilometers from the nearest base. Photo: dpa

Kunduz is history for the Bundeswehr. The Germans have left the camp – two months earlier than originally targeted and almost exactly ten years to the day after the first advance team of the Bundeswehr arrived in the northern Afghan city. On Friday evening, the Bundeswehr convoys rolled out of Kunduz with a total of 119 vehicles and 441 soldiers. On Saturday morning, they arrived unharmed in Mazar-i-Sharif, now the last German base in Afghanistan.

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Trial against sprinter pistorius: court allows appeal

Five years in prison for Oscar Pistorius is not enough for the prosecution. It wants to see the leg-amputated sprinter convicted of murder.

Pistorius had been convicted of manslaughter at the end of October. Photo: dpa

The trial of South African sprint star Oscar Pistorius, who was sentenced to five years in prison for manslaughter, is entering its second round. Judge Thokozile Masipa on Wednesday in Pretoria partially granted an appeal by the prosecution. The prosecution wants to see Pistorius convicted of murder in connection with the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

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Government statement by angela merkel: strengthening efforts

Ahead of the UN Sustainable Development Summit, Angela Merkel promised financial commitment. She also called on refugees to show their willingness to integrate.

Does not yet find sustainability in Germany optimal: the chancellor. Photo: dpa

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has pledged a noticeable increase in the financial commitment of the Federal Republic ahead of the UN Summit on the Preservation of Livelihoods. "We will spend billions more on development aid," she said Thursday in a government statement in the Bundestag. However, private commitment must also be encouraged, she said, "because we won’t be able to do it with public funds alone."

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Protests against security conference: peace angels in munich

While international arms deals are being brokered at the Bayerischer Hof, the peace movement demonstrates outside.

Protests against the Siko 2017 Photo: Pascal Beucker

Lisa Fitz is in a hurry. Actually, she has no time at all, she says. A performance at the Dorfstadl Buttlerhof in Tutzing is still on the 61-year-old cabaret artist’s schedule today. But to the traditional demonstration against the Munich Security Conference (SiKo) she came then nevertheless. "It’s already important to show the flag here," she tells the taz on the sidelines of the kick-off rally. "The enemy is overpowering, but if you do nothing at all, it won’t get any better." The war profiteers and their henchmen must be shown the red card again and again.

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