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Coalition dispute over edathy affair: seehofer demands an explanation

An SPD politician has problems with the judiciary, a CSU minister falls over the affair. For Horst Seehofer, this does not fit together.

Wants to talk about the "way of cooperation" with the SPD: CSU leader Seehofer. Photo: dpa

CSU leader Horst Seehofer wants to name the successor to resigned Agriculture Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich on Monday. "Talks will be held in the narrower party leadership over the weekend and on Monday the Chancellor and the public will be informed," Seehofer said Saturday at a small CSU party conference in Bamberg. There is a lot of anger in the CSU about the SPD after Friedrich’s fall. "We will have to talk about how to work together," Seehofer said. A top coalition meeting is scheduled for Tuesday in Berlin anyway.

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