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Condemned to neutrality: a muzzle for the chamber of commerce

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce opposed the city’s repurchase of the energy networks in the referendum. That was illegal.

Political statements will be rare in the future: The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Photo: dpa/Christian Charisius

Whenever a political course is set in Hamburg, Hans-Jorg Schmidt-Trenz is there. Naturally, the CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce did his best to promote the bid for the Olympic Games and was in the front row of all the pictures of the losers after the referendum. No sooner had the struggle for the Olympics been lost than he commented on the defeat on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce as a "serious setback for the forward-looking nature of our city."

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Red wants to go green: climate protection for the spd

At its closed-door meeting in Nuremberg, the SPD parliamentary group in the House of Representatives wants to make its mark with the green theme of climate protection.

One heart and one soul? Michael Muller and Raed Saleh Photo: dpa

The Berlin SPD wants to do more for the climate. At its closed-door meeting this weekend in Nuremberg, the SPD parliamentary group in the House of Representatives wants to address the issue of climate protection. As recently as July, SPD faction leader Raed Saleh had said in an interview with the Tagesspiegel: "We slept through the topic of ecology." Now the alarm clock is to ring in Nuremberg probably.

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Amendment to the energy transition act: nearly climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest

Faster away with CO2: The Senate passes the draft of the revised Energy Transition Act with stricter climate targets.

From 2030, all BVG buses are to be electric, announced Senator Gunther ran Photo: Raimund Mueller

Fewer CO2 emissions and, above all, faster: That is the core idea of the new version of the energy transition law, the draft of which was unanimously approved by the red-red-green senate on Tuesday. According to the bill, Berlin is to be largely climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest.

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Freedom of the press in turkey: questions unwelcome

Deniz Yucel, ex-Tazler and "Welt" correspondent, is under fire in Turkey. He had asked Merkel about the human rights situation in the country.

Critical questions unwanted at Monday’s press conference. Photo: ap

Welt’s German correspondent for Turkey, Deniz Yucel, has become the victim of a state-orchestrated campaign. All pro-government media such as Yeni Șafak, Yeni Akit, Star and Sabah insulted the journalist, who had worked for taz until last April, in the last two days, often word for word, as a "PKK sympathizer" and a "religious enemy."

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Successor to akk: prompt decision called for

CDU/CSU politicians are pushing for a quick clarification of the question of power. Apparently, Friedrich Merz has already announced his candidacy for the presidency.

Who will succeed AKK? Merz is already planning his candidacy ahead of the talks Photo: Wolfgang Kumm/dpa

Everything is slipping in the CDU. Actually, outgoing chairwoman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer wanted to clarify her succession and chancellor candidacy at the regular party congress in December. And lead the process "from the front." But that was illusory. Kramp-Karrenbauer, henceforth a queen without a country, no longer has much to say in the upcoming process.

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Conflict in ukraine: opposition clears city hall in kiev

Once again, tens of thousands protest on the Maidan in Kiev, demanding the resignation of Yanukovych. The opposition is expected to arrive in Berlin on Monday.

The protest is expected to continue in Kiev. Photo: dpa

Tens of thousands of opponents of the government gathered again on Independence Square (Maidan) in the Ukrainian capital Kiev at noon on Sunday. As they have been doing for weeks, the demonstrators demanded the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych, an amendment to the constitution and new elections in the near future.

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Commentary abbas’ holocaust speech: anti-semitic provocation

The Holocaust was a consequence of the Jews’ usury. With such provocations Abbas makes headlines. But that will not help him.

Is Abbas only trying to score points with his own people? Photo: reuters

Mahmoud Abbas sadly embodies the Palestinians who have failed in their yearning for statehood. Exhausted and beaten, the president is fighting for attention. He uses every means at his disposal, no matter how counterproductive or far-fetched. Israel is a colonialist project with no connection to the Jews, he railed. Pogroms and the Holocaust, he said, were the result of usury and social behavior on the part of the Jews. With such openly anti-Semitic provocations, Abbas does make headlines in the short term. At the same time, however, it fuels the suspicion that the 83-year-old’s mind is no longer in such good shape.

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Republican primaries in the usa: mitt romney takes the next hurdle

The ex-governor also lands in first place in New Hampshire with just under 40 percent of the vote. But the Republican candidacy has not yet been decided.

The winning pose sits: Mitt Romney. Picture: reuters

Mitt Romney is the clear winner of the Republican primaries in the northeastern US state of New Hampshire. He received 39 percent of the vote on Tuesday, becoming the first politician in history to win both Iowa and New Hampshire. But despite that double victory, the Republican nominee race is far from decided. For behind the top man follow five other candidates, some of whom are investing more energy in dismantling their rival and party colleague Romney than in criticizing Democratic President Barack Obama. For now, none of them want to drop out of the race, which is still going on in 48 other states.

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Abortion law reform: debate about §219a intensifies

The Union abuses §219a as a shield for §218 and argues in a truncated way. The SPD helps it to block a hearing in parliament.

Kristina Hanel (center) with supporters of FDP, Greens and Left Party in front of the Reichstag – at that time also still present: the SPD Photo: dpa

The debate about the ban on "advertising for abortions" – paragraph 219a – is becoming increasingly charged: with right-wing conservative fighting words, with insinuations, with adventurous comparisons and ideologically motivated irrelevancies. In an emotional letter, doctor Kristina Hanel has therefore turned to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and asked her to "objectify the debate".

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Commentary eu aid for greece: from drama to farce

The Eurogroup is incapable of reaching agreement on the debt crisis. Greece is threatening to degenerate into a debt colony.

No matter how meticulously the flags are straightened, the relationship between the EU and Greece is fundamentally skewed Photo: dpa

In history, everything happens twice: once as a tragedy, the other time as a farce. The debt dispute over Greece, which is now once again occupying the Eurogroup in Brussels, is reminiscent of this famous Marx quote. As was the case a year ago, the creditors are deeply divided. As then, they are stalling Greece to distract attention from their own incompetence. Instead of immediately releasing the next loan tranche, Athens was put off until May 24.

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