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Dispute with landlord meravis: wheelchair user threatened with eviction

Mold in the apartment, leaky windows: Because Claudia Suhr did not want to accept these defects and cut the rent, she is now threatened with eviction.

Does not want to move out of her apartment: Claudia Suhr Photo: Miguel Ferraz

Claudia Suhr is desperate. Two weeks ago, the Hamburg resident received the news that she will have to vacate her apartment in a few days. For Suhr, this is dramatic. She is in a wheelchair and has not yet found an apartment that meets her needs. She is threatened with homelessness. This was preceded by a dispute with her landlord Meravis. The real estate company is a subsidiary of the German Social Welfare Association (SoVD). "I didn’t do anything wrong after all. I just wanted Meravis to fix the defects," Suhr says through tears.

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Debt crisis in argentina: way out sought

The Corona pandemic is intensifying the crisis in Argentina. If the creditors do not accept the government’s offer, the country could go bankrupt again.

A large meeting to discuss the planned debt cut Photo: Esteban Collazo/dpa

"Argentina is virtually insolvent," President AlbertoFernandez put it. The government now wants to put its debt service on a sustainable footing with a payment pause and a billion-euro discount. On Thursday, it presented private creditors with an offer to restructure $70 billion in debt instruments. Repayment of $503 million in debt due on April 22 was suspended. Creditors now have 20 days to decide on the offer.

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Private coronation centers: in a protective suit on the dance floor

Christmas to family or alone? Private test centers want to be decision-making aids. They are not interested in free rides.

Rapid tests are also carried out at their own expense on the premises of the KitKat club in Berlin Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

In the Institute for the Future, music is playing again in the days before Christmas, even if only quietly in the background. In normal times, harder basses would be pumping in the halls in the south of Leipzig: the club is known beyond the city for its techno parties. Now there are distance markings on the floor, and medical personnel in protective suits are busy walking around. The IFZ, which has now had to remain closed for three quarters of a year, has been transformed into a corona fast test center in the days before Christmas.

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Column plants food: lei instead of egg

How to bake without chicken products? Depends on which egg function you want to replace. Six alternatives, from baking soda to banana puree.

Eggs in the cake? Doesn’t have to be Photo: Jakub Kapusnak /

Baking without an egg? I’m so free! And it’s quite easy once you know what simple tricks can be used to replace eggs. The most important thing when choosing an egg alternative: you need to know what egg function it will perform. Should it act as a binder, a leavening agent, or provide moisture? There are vegan egg alternatives for everything, so here come my six favorite ones.

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Study on #metoo at the workplace: greasy looks

One in eleven employees reports sexual harassment in the workplace. Often it happens in the health and social sector.

Often young and inexperienced colleagues experience harassment at work Photo: Frank May/dpa/picture alliance

About one in eleven working people in Germany has experienced sexual harassment at work in the past three years. Women are affected almost three times as often as men. Around 13 percent of women report experiences of harassment, compared to five percent of men. These are key findings of a broad-based study commissioned by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, which was presented in Berlin on Friday.

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Commentary social climate policy: leftists in the growth trap

More and more for everyone – that has long been the premise of socially just economic policy. The climate crisis now shows just how high the price is for this.

Does Germany really need hundreds of new bypasses every year? Photo: dpa/Bernd Georg

Since climate protection has become increasingly important to the population, the SPD and also the Left Party have been losing more and more votes to the Greens. Now the Social Democrats want to pay more attention to climate protection, says interim parliamentary group leader Rolf Mutzenich. But the new commitments do not sound very resolute.

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Online petition against trade pact: hunt down jefta!

Opposition to free trade seems unbroken. A petition against the German-Japanese agreement is going viral.

Grimmenstein 2016 with the collected signatures against Ceta Photo: dpa

Free trade critic Marianne Grimmenstein wants to take down the European-Japanese trade agreement Jefta with an online petition. Just a few hours after the launch of the petition "Stop Jefta & Co. in The Hague" on the online platform, the number of supporters was in the five-digit range.

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