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Regulations for ngos in israel: controversial law passed.

The Knesset passes a law that imposes stricter controls on liberal human rights groups in particular. This draws sharp criticism from the opposition.

Benjamin Netanyahu during Monday night’s session Photo: reuters

Parliament in Israel has passed a controversial law that imposes stricter regulations on numerous human rights organizations. On Monday night, 57 lawmakers spoke in favor of the bill, while 48 opposed it. It targets groups that receive more than half of their grants from foreign governments or political groups. Virtually only liberal organizations are affected. This is because hardline groups rely primarily on private donations, which the law exempts.

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Right of first refusal in berlin: districts play along with monopoly

265 apartments in one fell swoop: Berlin’s Mitte and Neukolln districts have exercised their right of first refusal in the largest case to date.

Rally in Berlin under the slogan "Together against #Mietenwahnsinn" Photo: picture alliance/Soeren Stache/dpa

It was supposed to be a fat deal: A package of 3,700 apartments the Danish pension fund PFA wanted to buy in Germany for 1.2 billion euros. At least 265 apartments in Neukolln and Mitte are now likely to slip through PFA’s fingers. The two boroughs have exercised their right of first refusal – in Berlin’s biggest case to date.

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Dispute over muhlendamm bridge: no comparison with the rialto bridge

Plans to replace the dilapidated bridge with a new one in a fast-track procedure are heating up the tempers. The new bridge is to be only slightly narrower.

A photo of the Muhlendamm Bridge from the water – and from pre-Corona times Photo: dpa/Bildfunk

Hand on heart, dear readers: How many of you know offhand what the Muhlendamm Bridge looks like? Not that many? No wonder: The Spree crossing in Mitte shines with functionality and imperceptibility. Yet the germ cell of today’s city is located around the bridge – it was the medieval connection between Molkenmarkt (Berlin) and Fischmarkt (Colln). Not much is left of it: After the destruction of the war, the capital of the GDR relied on a wide car aisle and a lot of concrete.

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Veddel bomber is right-wing extremist: perpetrator with right-wing biography

The man who detonated a homemade bomb in Veddel on Sunday has a right-wing extremist past. He has already been in prison for manslaughter.

Crime scene Veddel: This is where the homemade bomb detonated on Sunday Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt;/dpa

Stephan K. has been in custody since Tuesday. The investigating judge accuses the 51-year-old of having caused an explosive detonation at the Veddel S-Bahn station last Sunday evening. The accused remains silent on his motives.

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Dispute with landlord meravis: wheelchair user threatened with eviction

Mold in the apartment, leaky windows: Because Claudia Suhr did not want to accept these defects and cut the rent, she is now threatened with eviction.

Does not want to move out of her apartment: Claudia Suhr Photo: Miguel Ferraz

Claudia Suhr is desperate. Two weeks ago, the Hamburg resident received the news that she will have to vacate her apartment in a few days. For Suhr, this is dramatic. She is in a wheelchair and has not yet found an apartment that meets her needs. She is threatened with homelessness. This was preceded by a dispute with her landlord Meravis. The real estate company is a subsidiary of the German Social Welfare Association (SoVD). "I didn’t do anything wrong after all. I just wanted Meravis to fix the defects," Suhr says through tears.

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City comparison on pedestrian safety: more traffic lights, strips and islands

In many cities, more people have accidents on foot. The German Traffic Club demands that municipalities do more for safety.

Life dangerous in many places: pedestrians. Photo: dpa

Pedestrians in Germany are relatively safe on the road, but when accidents do occur, the consequences are usually severe. Therefore, cities and municipalities should do more for pedestrian safety – especially for children and seniors. This was the demand of the ecologically oriented Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) in Berlin on Tuesday at the presentation of a city comparison of pedestrian safety.

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Sportsman and politics: kretzschmar lacks freedom of speech

In an interview, ex-professional handball player Stefan Kretzschmar uses a right-wing narrative. He’s allowed to do that, but he also has to put up with criticism.

You can still say that, can’t you? Yep. But then it sucks. Photo: dpa

That’s the way it is when you say something today that not everyone likes. You get hyped up in the social media – or grilled. It happened to Robert Habeck, the leader of the Green Party, after he spread some nonsense about Thuringia, and now it’s happened to Stefan Kretzschmar, the sports icon, the winner of an Olympic silver medal, one of the few super celebrities the sport of handball has produced.

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Sales losses feared: retailers worried about veil ban

Affordable vacationers from the Gulf States are popular in Munich – despite face veils. The proposal to ban it is causing criticism.

Potential consumer: A woman wearing a niqab crosses Odeonsplatz in Munich. Photo: dpa

Munich, the self-proclaimed "cosmopolitan city with a heart," is becoming increasingly popular with Arab tourists. Now the trade fears that vacationers from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates or Bahrain will stay away – because they feel blindsided by the ban on the Muslim face veil (niqab) demanded by the CSU.

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Excessive rents for factory subcontractors: workers in hovels

Factory workers in the meat industry are often housed by the same subcontractors who hired them. This is profitable.

Lots of work, poor conditions: Meat factories often employ workers on work contracts. Photo: dpa

The stairwell of the former barracks in Quakenbruck has seen better days: The ceilings are moldy, someone has nailed up the intermediate doors with OSB boards and the lamps have no shades. Daniela Reim points to power cables hanging out of a junction box: "Some residents tap the others here to save electricity."

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Raising the curtain on friedrich merz: power man theater, final act

Who would have thought it? Friedrich Merz replaces the yearning for the theater in the Corona Year. Unfortunately, the play is already quite old.

Hall lights on: No audience, of course, because of Corona Photo: Florian Gartner/photothek/imago

Right now, there are a lot of things I miss: the time when I never heard of lateral thinkers. The carefree hustle and bustle in bars. Lightheartedness in general. And I miss theater. Fortunately, there is a solution to at least the last problem, and it’s Friedrich Merz. Before 2020, I would never have thought that Friedrich Merz could be the solution to one of my problems. But you can actually learn something from Merz’s performing art. Curtain up.

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