Dealing with squats: the case of the berlin line

The Whitsun squatters are putting the Berlin Senate under pressure. Will the requirement to evacuate houses within 24 hours be overturned?

Martial: Police officers clearing Mainzer Strasse in 1990 Photo: Reinhard Kaufhold

Rarely has a radical form of protest enjoyed such popularity – the concern of broad sections of the population about the shortage of affordable housing is obviously leaving its mark. The fact that squatting is a legitimate means of drawing attention to the housing shortage is now recognized by the majority of all Berliners: 53 percent. This is the result of a Forsa survey commissioned by the Berliner Zeitung.

Nato’s plans for eastern europe: “spearhead” bundeswehr

According to a newspaper report, the Bundeswehr could be a leader in a NATO rapid reaction force. It is to be ready for action in crises in two to five days.

Only an exercise, but already looks heavily like "spearhead". Picture: dpa

According to the newspaper Die Welt, the Bundeswehr is to temporarily play a key role in protecting NATO’s Eastern and Central European partners, who feel threatened by Russia.

Mbembe on anti-semitism accusation: “gigantic defamation campaign”.

The Cameroonian attacked in Germany rejects the anti-Semitism accusations against him – with one exception. And: Felix Klein may apologize.

Achille Mbembe 2015 in the LMU Muchen on the occasion of the award of the Geschwister-Scholl-Prize Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa

Achille Mbembe published this text on his Facebook account on May 8 under the title "Les conditions morales de la lutte contre l’antisemitisme."

Massacre of refugees from burundi: anyone who does not spurt will be shot dead

Burundian militiamen apparently reinforced the soldiers of Congo’s government army in the massacre. UN blue helmets in the vicinity remained inactive.

Recovery of the dead in Kamanyola, Saturday Photo: Uvira Online

Photos show a wide street full of bodies, the dead neatly lined up, covered with colorful cloths. The head of the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Monusco), whose soldiers have witnessed much horror, expressed "deep shock" in a statement. On Friday, a massacre of Burundian refugees occurred in the small eastern Congolese town of Kamanyola on the border with Burundi.

Verdi national congress in leipzig: werneke is combative

The new head of the union calls for a "restructuring of the economy and society. The plan: an ecological transformation of energy, transport and agriculture.

Verdi boss Frank Werneke wants an "ecological transformation that is socially just" Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa

The diversion at the federal congress of the service sector union Verdi in Leipzig was only brief. On Wednesday afternoon, several dozen young Verdians entered the hall singing and waving flags. Their request: radical reduction of working hours! Verdi should stand up for a 30-hour week with full wage and personnel compensation.

Spreepark to become a culture park: treetop path instead of roller coaster

Excavations are underway at the Spreepark in Planterwald for what will later be a culture park. What it will look like is disputed in the coalition.

Visitors at the "Day of the Open Spreepark" in September 2019 Photo: dpa

The first excavators are working at Spreepark in Planterwald. On the 2.3-hectare former amusement park, which has been deserted since 2002, lines for water, electricity, gas and Internet are being laid. According to the state-owned Grun Berlin GmbH, which has managed the site since 2016, development work for what will become an arts and culture park is expected to last until September 2021. Guided tours of the site, which have been popular for the past three years, will continue to be offered, Grun Berlin GmbH said.

School starts despite corona in the usa: the start of school as an election issue

Whether or not classes start depends on party line. Republican governors are pushing for normality – and putting schools under pressure.

Motivation for the new school year: Rap video by Callie Evans in Albany Photo: Overstreet Media Services via ap

The school year has begun in some U.S. states, but what form of instruction is best during a pandemic is the subject of lively debate across the country. That’s the case in Georgia, where many schools began classes in early August. For students and teachers in Cherokee County, a county north of Atlanta, the new school year began Aug. 3. The first problems were not long in coming.

Local elections in albania: voting with the feet

It’s getting more violent: Fighting between government and opposition supporters overshadows Sunday’s vote.

Head of government Edi Rama in his office. The number 30 alludes to the election date Photo: ap

Opposition supporters gather in a school in the northern Albanian city of Shkodra. They set a fire, destroy documents. In the school, citizens are supposed to cast their votes on Sunday – local elections are taking place.

Commentary labour party conference: not for opportunism

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks of "socialism" at the party conference and does not hang his flag in the wind in any other way. That’s good!

Combative: Jeremy Corbyn Photo: ap

It was the best speech he has ever given. British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn confidently laid out his strategy to bring Labour to power at the party’s conference in Liverpool on Wednesday. Bolstered after his recent confirmation in office by party members, he made it clear that he would not budge from his position on immigration – not even for the sake of party peace.