Trial on chemnitz homicide: saxony questioned as scene

The trial into the death of Daniel H. will start in March. Defense lawyers are demanding that it take place outside of Saxony – for security reasons.

Chemnitz was agitated after the killing of Daniel H. – the trial is now not to take place there Photo: dpa

On March 18, it should be so far. Then the trial is to start on an act that has stirred up Chemnitz. At the end of August 2018, 35-year-old Daniel H. had been stabbed to death in the city, presumably by two asylum seekers. Right-wing marches in the city, attacks on migrants, weeks of unrest followed. Now one of the suspects, Syrian Alaa S., is to stand trial before Chemnitz Regional Court. But the defense is intervening: it wants the trial to take place outside Saxony.

Verdict in headscarf dispute: discrimination becomes the rule

The education administration recognizes the ruling of the state labor court. Nevertheless, they stick to their guns: no headscarves in general education schools.

Much material for discussion: the headscarf in the school service Photo: dpa

The Berlin Senate accepts the headscarf ruling of the Regional Labor Court (LAG) – at least formally. The state will not appeal the ruling, a spokeswoman for the Senate Education Department announced at the end of last week. But whether female teachers wearing headscarves will soon be able to teach in all Berlin schools is still questionable.

Edathy case investigative committee: investigators against their will

The investigative committee begins its work. The SPD considers it superfluous. It remains to be seen whether Edathy himself will even appear.

Finds her new task superfluous: Eva Hogl. Photo: dpa

The chairwoman of the investigative committee on the Edathy affair sounds as if she actually has better things to do: "We are of the opinion that we did not need this committee," says SPD politician Eva Hogl, a few hours before the committee begins its work. She expects "no surprises and no new findings." Her parliamentary group colleague Uli Grotsch, who as SPD chairman is supposed to contribute to the clarification, also appears moderately motivated: "As the SPD, we are of the opinion that there are no more open questions."

Implementation of the sdg targets: switzerland as a brake

Switzerland is hindering the development of poorer countries by importing raw materials and pursuing a low-tax policy. In doing so, it could change its behavior without any losses.

Even the cocoa for the famous Swiss chocolate has to be imported Photo: dpa

Switzerland lives more at the expense of other countries than any other country in the world. No one is preventing the others as much from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN in 2015 by 2030. This is the conclusion reached by the Bertelsmann Foundation in this year’s report reviewing progress in implementing the 17 SDGs in 160 of the 193 UN member states.

Dispute over fm radio broadcasting: fm? Does not run o. K.

Radio broadcasting via FM will continue for the time being. But the dispute between transmitter network and antenna operators is far from resolved.

Truce: For the time being, FM reception is still secure Photo: imago/Steinach

"Up to ten million listeners could be affected by a shutdown of their FM radio stations as early as next Wednesday," Media Broadcast CEO Wolfgang Breuer had threatened in Die Welt last week. Forty radio broadcasters were affected, including NDR in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and MDR.

Villa feltrinelli on lake garda: luxury for the nostalgic.

The Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli is a listed monument. On Lake Garda, the luxury villa is a niche product.

The Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda: an ambience only for the well-heeled Photo: imago/Karo

Who wants to visit the Villa Feltrinelli in the small village of Gargnano on Lake Garda, should already know the way. For a wrought-iron gate to a park-like complex hidden behind walls, without any indication of the posh hostel, is the inconspicuous entrance to a luxurious world. When the gates open, the deceleration already begins during the approach.

Syria diary episode 1: “because words are stronger”.

In Syria, peaceful opposition activists need patience. For example, the group in Kafranbel. They have been fighting for democracy since 2011.

Without words: cartoon of the activist group. Image: Kafranbel

The small town of Kafranbel is located in Idlib province in northwestern Syria. The town has since gained international notoriety thanks to its colorful, often humorous political posters. The leader of the activist group, Raed Fares, has already served several prison terms. On January 29, 2014, an attack was made on him, which he barely survived. Below, Fares reports on his group’s latest activities.

Video greetings from aonghus ó halmhain: hello from dublin, ireland

Aonghus Ó hAlmhain met taz groups on their trip to Ireland, the lover of the Irish language lives near Dublin.

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Aonghus Ó hAlmhain, born in 1968, grew up in Dublin bilingual in Gaelic (Irish) and English. He is already part of the third generation since the efforts at the beginning of the 20th century to revive the Irish language and promote its spread.

South korea is the first country to launch 5g network: starting signal for the digital revolution

South Korea is the world’s first country to launch the new generation of mobile Internet: 5G is set to fundamentally change everyday life and industry.

Here we go: Workers mount camouflaged 5G antennas on a rooftop in Seoul Photo: afp

In the end, everything had to happen frantically: South Korea’s telecom providers had originally planned to launch the world’s first nationwide 5G network on Friday. But then there were rumors that U.S. provider Verizon Communications might beat the Asians to the punch. So, in a hasty move, SK Telecom decided to bring the launch ceremony forward to Wednesday evening. In the end, the Koreans won the digital race by two hours.

Government crisis in italy: rome argues over timetable

The right-wing Lega wants rapid new elections. Five Stars, PD and the left-wing LeU are opposed. The Senate will decide on Tuesday evening.

If Matteo Salvini gets his way, a right-wing alliance could soon come to power Photo: reuters

Immediate new elections? Or a new government, supported by a new majority in the current parliament? This question is dominating the debate between Italy’s parties after Lega leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini broke with the coalition and tabled a vote of no confidence in the government led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.