Preparing for the new year: happy new year with the police

With a special deployment concept, the police tried to prevent mass sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in the St. Pauli neighborhood.

Foretaste of New Year’s Eve: police officers in high-visibility vests in the Grobe Freiheit. Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

Nothing like this again: mass sexual assaults on women by groups of men on New Year’s Eve as last year, the police want to prevent this New Year. "We had to deal with a phenomenon of sexual violence last year that was not known nationwide," says police spokesman Timo Zill. "Now we are prepared for it."

Forest dweller over distance: “the forest saved me”.

Gunther Hamker has lived in a cabin in southern Lower Saxony for over 50 years. A conversation about alcohol addiction, snoring dogs and loneliness.

Gunther Hamker in front of his cabin: He feels "fantastically comfortable" there Photo: Juliane Preib

site: Mr. Hamker, what does distance mean to you?

Crackdown on palestinian media: west bank raided.

Ten offices of Palestinian media outlets were closed by Israel’s army. They allegedly disseminated "inflammatory content."

Shuttered: the offices of PalMedia in Nablus, West Bank Photo: reuters

Almost one hundred Palestinian camera and sound people, editors and television technicians have to take an involuntary vacation. Since midweek, ten offices of several media companies in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus and Hebron have been under lock and key for six months, according to Israeli military orders.

Treaty to ban nuclear weapons: why germany refuses

The ban on nuclear weapons will finally become universally valid international law on January 22, 2021. Against the resistance of the German government.

"Ban nuclear weapons": Greenpeace protest on the 75th anniversary of the throw on Hiroshima Photo: Bodo Marks / dpa

On Saturday, Honduras became the 50th country to ratify the treaty banning nuclear weapons of mass murder worldwide, adopted by the UN General Assembly in July 2017. There could hardly have been a better gift for the UN’s 75th birthday. As a result, the ban on nuclear weapons will become universally valid international law on January 22, 2021.

Traffic planning in hamburg: transversal bypass now “passage

Hamburg is sticking to the construction of a highway across Wilhelmsburg and Harburg. A replacement for the Kohlbrand Bridge is to be paid for additionally by the federal government.

Will the port route go over a new Kohlbrand Bridge? Photo: Christian Charisius/Dpa

Now things are suddenly getting very urgent. Construction of the harbor transversal through the southern port of Hamburg, which has been under discussion for about a quarter of a century, is to begin as early as 2020, if possible. That is the hope of Andreas Rieckhof, SPD councillor in the Economic and Transport Authority. By 2030, the almost ten-kilometer-long "harbor passage," as the route is now to be less cumbersomely called, could then be completed (see box). That would be "closing the gap in the highway network," Rieckhof said when presenting the new planning at a press briefing on Wednesday. In the evening, the authority wanted to present the plans at a citizens’ event in Wilhelmsburg.

What type of parent are you?the ecos

CELEBRATION CULTURE Children’s birthday parties say a lot – about the adults who host them. A typology by Sarah Mahlberg

Under no circumstances should there be sausages from the supermarket shelf at a child’s birthday party. Meat in general, heck, animal products in general are reserved only for those allergic to soy. So how about a vegan picnic in the countryside? So healthy that even feeding ducks is allowed in this special case.

If your child has a birthday in the summer, the corn maze in Delingsdorf could also be a promising option. A maze inside huge corn plants, the sun shines in your face, there are riddles to solve along the way, and when you least expect it, the corn witch rushes out of the hedge and scares you almost to death. The fun costs €12.70 for a minimum of eight guests.

Constitutional court on foot shackles: goes clear

The Federal Constitutional Court rejects the constitutional complaint against foot shackles. Two men have complained of stigmatization.

Weighing heavy: GPS transmitter weighing about 700 grams on the ankle Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

The electronic ankle bracelet for dangerous prisoners does not violate any fundamental rights. The Federal Constitutional Court has now come to this conclusion and rejected two constitutional complaints by those affected.

Agreement between deutsche bahn and berlin: the siemens railway rolls on

Things are moving forward for the historic line between Jungfernheide and Gartenfeld stations: funding for preliminary planning is in place.

For almost exactly 40 years, nothing has been rolling on the Siemensbahn Photo: dpa

The renovation and reopening of the Siemensbahn, which was shut down in 1980, is making progress. As Berlin’s Secretary of State for Transport Ingmar Streese confirmed on Thursday, the state and Deutsche Bahn (DB) have signed a financing agreement for the first planning phases.

Wolfgang niedecken on corona deniers: “don’t they actually notice anything?”

BAP singer Wolfgang Niedecken thinks "lateral thinkers" are bogus giants – but he likes to run with FFF. His band’s new album is also about populism.

"I write the pieces from the perspective of an almost 70-year-old": Wolfgang Niedecken Photo: Wolfgang Borrs

taz am wochenende: Mr. Niedecken, at the end of August, a cross-front of Corona deniers, Reich citizens and Nazis stood on the steps of the Reichstag. In your song "Ruhe vor
‘m Sturm" against these developments and advise vigilance. So how should civil society react in Corona times?