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CELEBRATION CULTURE Children’s birthday parties say a lot – about the adults who host them. A typology by Sarah Mahlberg

Under no circumstances should there be sausages from the supermarket shelf at a child’s birthday party. Meat in general, heck, animal products in general are reserved only for those allergic to soy. So how about a vegan picnic in the countryside? So healthy that even feeding ducks is allowed in this special case.

If your child has a birthday in the summer, the corn maze in Delingsdorf could also be a promising option. A maze inside huge corn plants, the sun shines in your face, there are riddles to solve along the way, and when you least expect it, the corn witch rushes out of the hedge and scares you almost to death. The fun costs €12.70 for a minimum of eight guests.

Wolfgang niedecken on corona deniers: “don’t they actually notice anything?”

BAP singer Wolfgang Niedecken thinks "lateral thinkers" are bogus giants – but he likes to run with FFF. His band’s new album is also about populism.

"I write the pieces from the perspective of an almost 70-year-old": Wolfgang Niedecken Photo: Wolfgang Borrs

taz am wochenende: Mr. Niedecken, at the end of August, a cross-front of Corona deniers, Reich citizens and Nazis stood on the steps of the Reichstag. In your song "Ruhe vor
‘m Sturm" against these developments and advise vigilance. So how should civil society react in Corona times?

South korea is the first country to launch 5g network: starting signal for the digital revolution

South Korea is the world’s first country to launch the new generation of mobile Internet: 5G is set to fundamentally change everyday life and industry.

Here we go: Workers mount camouflaged 5G antennas on a rooftop in Seoul Photo: afp

In the end, everything had to happen frantically: South Korea’s telecom providers had originally planned to launch the world’s first nationwide 5G network on Friday. But then there were rumors that U.S. provider Verizon Communications might beat the Asians to the punch. So, in a hasty move, SK Telecom decided to bring the launch ceremony forward to Wednesday evening. In the end, the Koreans won the digital race by two hours.

Plans for an aquarium in berlin: reef for rummelsburg

An investor wants to build an aquarium and park in Rummelsburg Bay for 40 million euros. Local residents criticize the plans.

Will he soon be swimming in the in Coral World in Rummelsburg Bay? Photo: dpa

A large aquarium and park are to be built at Rummelsburg Lake in Lichtenberg. District Mayor Michael Grunst (Left) and the Israeli investor of the company Coral World signed a corresponding contract on Friday, as the district announced.

Irregularities at organic inspection body: certification partially banned

The Dutch Control Union gave conventional products the organic seal, says the European Commission and draws consequences.

Organic or not? The label is crucial Photo: dpa

The EU Commission has banned one of the world’s largest organic inspection bodies from certifying imports from five countries because of unreliability. The agency announced in mid-March in the Official Journal of the European Union the decision to revoke within 20 days the license of the Dutch Control Union Certifications "for all product categories in relation to Kazakhstan, the Republic of Moldova, Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates."

School starts despite corona in the usa: the start of school as an election issue

Whether or not classes start depends on party line. Republican governors are pushing for normality – and putting schools under pressure.

Motivation for the new school year: Rap video by Callie Evans in Albany Photo: Overstreet Media Services via ap

The school year has begun in some U.S. states, but what form of instruction is best during a pandemic is the subject of lively debate across the country. That’s the case in Georgia, where many schools began classes in early August. For students and teachers in Cherokee County, a county north of Atlanta, the new school year began Aug. 3. The first problems were not long in coming.

More diseases in china: coronavirus more and more aggressive?

The number of infected people is increasing drastically – because now also probably sick people are counted. But this makes sense, say experts.

Protection from coronavirus and rain: People in Hong Kong Photo: Vincent Yu/ap

It was only a matter of time until the political purge in China would start with the exchange of two party cadres. The calculation behind the measure, which was prominently reported in the state media: Beijing wants to leave the question of blame for the viral outbreak primarily at the level of local government.

Cold relief in pandemic times: corona makes people shiver

The pandemic complicates the conditions in the cold aid: The number of sleeping places is less the problem than the lack of offers during the day.

Deacon Wolfgang Willsch and a helper in the kitchen of the parish of St. Pius Photo: Tina Eichner

When St. Pius’ emergency overnight shelter opens at seven in the evening, a few men with mouth-nose protection are already waiting in the dark courtyard next to the Friedrichshain church. A staff member unlocks the outside toilet of the old rectory, and one by one the men step forward to wash their hands and take a non-contact temperature. Then they descend the steep stairs into the basement for coffee and hot food.