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Growing together in the greater district: people are distant from each other

District Administrator Heiko Karger of Mecklenburgische Seenplatte County has a mammoth task. He must ensure that the district becomes a single entity.

There are great distances to be overcome in the district. Image: imago / BildFunkMV

It’s still early on this cold, clear morning in autumn when Heiko Karger once again takes in a facet of his new district. All around, pale light falls over muddy meadows; further back, allotment gardens stand out. Heiko Karger trudges toward the entrance of the low-rise building in front of him. "So," he says, "let’s have a look."

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Election in italy: the right is back

Elections will be held in Italy on Sunday. If anyone has a chance of winning a parliamentary majority, it’s the right-wing bloc and the eternal Berlusconi.

Giving Berlusconi a late political spring: Giorgia Meloni, head of the post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia party Photo: Yara Nardi

On Sunday, March 4, Italy will elect a new parliament – and until a few months ago, at least the sure loser was certain: the right around Silvio Berlusconi. The outcome of the elections was open, but one thing seemed clear, if the pollsters were to be believed: The Partito Democratico (PD) under Matteo Renzi, which had been in power in Rome until then, would win the race – with the fundamental opposition Movimento5Stelle (M5S – the 5-Star Movement) under its leading candidate Luigi Di Maio .

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Wind farms off helgoland: “fascination offshore”.

Helgoland is becoming the headquarters of three wind farms in the North Sea. Critics fear a decline in tourism. The island faces structural change.

Offshore park "Meerwind Sud/Ost," about two kilometers northwest of Helgoland. Image: Alexander Stein

Tourists can no longer live here. A worker in a neon yellow jacket steps onto the balcony of the 4-star hotel and lights a cigarette. His gaze wanders over the nocturnal North Sea and the dune, Helgoland’s offshore island. After a few puffs, he disappears into the room, and the bluish light of a television flickers through the curtains.

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Condemned to neutrality: a muzzle for the chamber of commerce

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce opposed the city’s repurchase of the energy networks in the referendum. That was illegal.

Political statements will be rare in the future: The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Photo: dpa/Christian Charisius

Whenever a political course is set in Hamburg, Hans-Jorg Schmidt-Trenz is there. Naturally, the CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce did his best to promote the bid for the Olympic Games and was in the front row of all the pictures of the losers after the referendum. No sooner had the struggle for the Olympics been lost than he commented on the defeat on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce as a "serious setback for the forward-looking nature of our city."

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Usa recognizes syrian opposition: “take responsibility”.

At a conference of the "Friends of Syria," the opposition is to be upgraded. The USA is signaling support. Germany is providing 20 million euros.

Barack Obama has now also recognized the Syrian National Coalition as the legitimate representation of the Syrian people. Photo: dpa

After the EU, the United States is now also practicing solidarity with the Syrian opposition: the Syrian National Coalition opposition movement is the "legitimate representative" of its people, U.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday evening in an interview with the ABC News TV channel.

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World premiere schauspiel leipzig: black box in the white cube

Eriopis" by the Finnish author E.L. Karhu was premiered in Leipzig. But you can’t really get a grip on the main character.

Michael Wilhelmi accompanies Medea’s daughter on the grand piano Photo: Rolf Arnold

Now she is alone in this big white room, eating popcorn. Alone, after her mother killed her two little brothers and disappeared forever with the best sled dogs of the stable in the vastness of Lapland. Traumatized, disturbed and adolescent, these are the first associations with Eriopis. She is the surviving daughter of Medea in the play of the same name by E.L. Karhu, which premiered at Schauspiel Leipzig on March 6.

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Dealing with populism: shrill versus loud

The AfD calls for shoot-to-kill orders and makes fun of counter-gendered language. The opposing side shouts back loudly. Is a dialogue possible?

That’s the sound, 2015: "FCK AfD" – for some, the message is clear. But the others wonder: is that hairspray? Photo: dpa

There have been numerous situations in recent months that have shown how poisoned the debate culture in Germany currently is. An SPD politician referred to a section of citizens as a "pack." The "pack," in turn, carried a symbolic gallows reserved for them through the streets. A CDU politician stated on the record that he would "shoot himself" if he were married to a certain AfD politician. In talk shows, publicists talk about Frauke Petry as if she were not there, while she sits smiling next to them.

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Unrest in ukraine: putin reserves the right to military action

While the crisis summit on the crisis in Ukraine has begun in Geneva, the situation in the east of the country continues to escalate. The EU threatens Moscow with tougher sanctions.

Blocked by separatists: Ukrainian soldier in a tank near Kramatorsk. Photo: ap

The European Union plans to tighten its sanctions against Russia if no progress is made at talks on the Ukraine conflict in Geneva, according to French sources. This was announced by French President Francois Hollande in Paris on Thursday. An international crisis meeting had begun in Geneva, Switzerland, in the morning to explore chances for a political solution to the conflict. Later in the day, the EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton plans to hold joint consultations with the foreign ministers of the United States, Russia and Ukraine. However, the situation remains tense in southern and eastern Ukraine.

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Acknowledging paternity in lockdown: hope for mr holmes

Appointments at the child welfare office can be unpleasant. But not during the lockdown – because there are no appointments.

Sperm inquisition by officials in Sherlock Holmes style Photo: agefotostock/imago

"And are you absolutely sure that you are the father?" the gaunt man behind the desk asks a second time. His glasses are just hanging on the tip of his nose and he sounds like Sherlock Holmes. It smells like linoleum floors and administration. His look says, "Speak now or forever hold your peace." Well, not to me, but to the man next to me who is currently trying to secure rights and responsibilities for the 3-pound child in my belly. We are at the youth welfare office for paternity acknowledgment and custody declaration, because we are not married.

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